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The JSSUS is recognized by the IRS as a charitable and educational organization for the appreciation and advanced study of the Japanese art sword and related fields of interest.

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Added on 12/8/23 1972 Volume 4 Number 6 Newsletter November-December Board Meeting, Token KenKyu Kai, Yukimitsu, Stolen Swords and more...

Added on 12/16/23 34 Page BULLETIN December 1972 Muramasa,Titles of Swordsmiths, Kakihan, Gendato and Tanto.

Added on 1/5/24 1973 Volume 5 Number 1 Newsletter January-February Pricing Guidelines, Sasano Masayuki Book Review, Hizen Tadahiro and more.

Added on 1/11/24 1973 Volume 5 Number 2 Newsletter March-April Misc. and Akasaka Tsuba

Added on 1/19/24 1973 Volume 5 Number 3 Newsletter May-June Misc. Owari Tsuba, Onin Tsuba and Hizen Tadahiro

Added on 1/25/24 1973 Volume 5 Number 4 Newsletter July-August Meeting Minutes, Sendai Yamagane Tsuba, Owari Tsuba, Chikuzen Nobukuni Yoshikuni Tanto

Added on 2/1/24 1973 Volume 5 Number 5 Newsletter September-October Truman Masamune, Bizen Norimitsu

Added on 2/8/24 1973 Volume 5 Number 6 Newsletter November-December Tanto Translation, Report on the times by Caldwell, Cutting test blade by Sadayuki

Added on 2/22/24 1973 50 Page Bulletin Museo Orientale, Beginning Tsuba Collecting, Token Kenkyu Kai, Kao Artists Seals

Added on 3/1/24 1974 Vol 6 Nunmber 1 Newsletter January-February Making of the Samurai, Smithsonian Collection, Chikei Inazuma Kinsuji Sunagashi, Mishina Study, Reprort on the Times, Ikkansai Shigetsugu

Added on 3/14/24 1974 Vol 6 Nunmber 2 Newsletter March-April Tanto book by Suzuki, John Yumoto, Inoue Shinkai, Yamanaka

Added on 3/28/24 1974 Vol 6 Nunmber 3 Newsletter May-June Colonel Cadwell Bust Dedication, Report on Yamada Hide

Added on 4/5/24 1974 Vol 6 Nunmber 4 Newsletter July-August Yasukuni Shrine Yasunori Gendaito, Hizen Yondai Tadayoshi

Added on 4/13/24 1974 Vol 6 Number 5 Newsletter September-OctoberOfficers Meeting, Owari Nobutsugu, Kaga Iyetada

Added on 5/3/24 1974 Vol 6 Number 6 Newsletter November-DecemberAuction Report, Kaifu Ujiyoshi,Yamanaka on Polishing

Added on 5/14/24 57 Page BULLETIN December 1974 Mishina Oshigata US NBTHK Shinsa Christian Theme.(missing part)

Added on 5/25/24 1975 Vol 7 Number 1 Newsletter January-February Election Results, Prospects, Christian Tsuba

Added on 6/8/24 1975 Vol 7 Number 2 Newsletter March-April Sadateru, JSSUS meeting, Japan Trip etc..

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