Welcome to the Index.

Three indexes, actually, with which you will be able to search for references that include information on Japanese swordsmiths, fittings artists, and Nihonto related topics, along with the key to the included references.

A quick note about how I’ve put this together: I’ve chosen to include references that are important, in wide circulation, or on my book shelf. Feel free to suggest additions. The index of swordsmiths is sorted first alphabetically in English, next by stroke count of the 1st character of the smith’s name, stroke count of the 2nd character, and then chronologically. I wasn’t always sure which generation of a swordsmith I was looking at; especially with lesser known smiths, multiple generations may be lumped together in one listing. Generations are in Japanese: Shodai-1st, Nidai-2nd, Sandai-3rd, Yondai-4th, Godai-5th, Rokudai-6th, Shichidai-7th, Hachidai-8th, Kudai-9th, Judai-10th, and Kodai- undetermined later generation.

The index of swordsmiths includes the Kanji characters the smith used to sign his name. If your computer won’t show the Kanji, you need to tweak some settings. See the tutorial on the side bar for instructions on how this is done.

A few of the Japanese references have appeared in different editions with different page counts. If you can’t find the reference on the page # I list, looking forward or back a page or two might help. I will be updating the indexes and adding new references occasionally. If a book’s listing in the Key of Included References says, In Progress, not all the pages in that book have been indexed. Trouble making sense of a listing is often cleared by referring to the Key.

I know there are mistakes in The Index, and when I find them I make corrections. If you find a mistake feel free to point it out to me.

Andrew Salveson wrote the code for The Index online; he’s great! An anonymous donor has paid for the work Andrew has done. Thank you. And the members of the JSS/US, with their annual dues, make The Index, this website, and our translations of Japanese references possible. If you appreciate being able to use this index, please consider joining the JSS/US and help us do more. Join at http://www.jssus.org/register.html

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