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The links above should, I hope, offer some small help in deciphering the kanji found on Japanese swords, Kod˘gu and even web sites that sell Nihont˘ and other items. Whilst these pages are mostly my own work, I have several people I must gratefully thank as their work really helped make these pages come together.

Mr Guido Schiller, for his excellent work on the Japanese Sword Laws, Tameshigiri and Military Rulers pages, thank you so very much Guido. For helping me with all the Kanji and Japanese for these pages, Mr Kiyoshi Morita, his work in helping me correctly display the kanji on these pages has been tireless. Arigato gozaimasu Kiyo-san. And also to Dr Gordon Robson who corrected my grammar and helped me with the proper use of Japanese titles and their pronunciation. Cheers Gordon, you're a true guide in my studies. Mr Barry Thomas who corrected my poor English and tidied up my many messes. Mr Koichi Moriyama for his many corrections and help with the kanji here and finally Mr Darcy Brockbank who helped me with the initial coding of these pages, keeping the files small and manageable for all to easily download and use. Thank you Darcy for all your efforts, they are greatly appreciated.

These pages require your computer to be able to display Japanese Kanji. See the link above, "Installing Kanji" for instructions on installing Japanese fonts. If you should find any errors or think something needs to be added, drop me a line and I will see to it as soon as possible.

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