Bonji found in Nihonto

Below you will find some of the most common bonji or Sanskrit ( Siddham ) that are found on swords and various sword fittings. Bonji arrived in Japan in or about the 9th century, and has come to have a close connection with the Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, being thought of as the 'Holy Letters'.

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Abiroji - Great exterminator of evil
Aizen Myô - Imbued with love
Batô-Kwannon - Horse Head Buddha
Benzaiten - Beauty and music
Bishamonten - Bravery
Bukyokusai - Military Star
Bunkyokusai - Military Star
Daijizaiten - Prosperity and freedom
Daitoku - Kindliness - West gaurdian
Daikokuten - God of wealth
Dainichi Nyerai - Almighty Buddha
Fudo Myô - Almighty strength - middle guard
Fudo Myô- Almighty strength - middle guard
Gunsari Myô - Ability - South gaurdian
Gubirokaijin - Assists everyone
Hagunshô - Victory star
Jiuichimen Kwannon - 11 face Buddha, sees all
Jizô - Kindness
Kongara-Dôji - A helper
Kongoyasha Myô - Power - North gaurdian
Kubira-Daishô - Palace General
Kwojin - God of calamities
Marishiten - Chases devils and enemys
Rasetsuten - Snares profit
Seitaka-Dôji - A helper
Seiten - Higher personality
Shaka - The Great Buddha
Shôgun-Jizô Besatsu - Supremacy
Shô-Kwannon - Motherly love
Senju-Kwannon - Kindness to everyone
Taishakuten - Protection from evil
Tamonten - Bravery
Yôriu-Kwannon - Willow Buddha

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